Blog Redesign For Developers

As a developer with approximately no design skills, I’ve always been unhappy with the way my website looked.

It can be so frustrating to try re-designs, and see that they don’t work out the way you imagined in your head. Installing a whole new theme can work sometimes, but there’s always something that doesn’t quite work the way you want.

This time around, I’ve found some advice that really worked, and a workflow that’s made designing a pleasure.

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Why Curry Helps

A programmer’s pipe-dream is to write code, and be able to use it repeatedly with little effort. It’s expressive because you write in a way that expresses what is needed, and it’s reuse because.. well, you’re reusing. What more could you want?

curry can help.

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Vars And Values

Sometimes I hear JavaScript dev throw around the terms vars and values as synonyms for each other. Realising that they’re not was a serious ‘aha’ moment for me - and making the distinction about it can make talking and thinking about code clearer by far.

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Tapping Into The Method Chain

Objects and methods are a big deal. They’re the core way in which JavaScript defines functionality against a type; which is reflected in the standard library, in many of the libraries we choose to use, and how production code tends to be written (at least, in my experience).

Compare these two solutions for returning the name of all the audiophiles in a contact book:

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Jslint Is Not A Code Quality Tool For 3rd Party Code

Doug Crockford’s JSLint performs static analysis on Javascript, returning a list of what Crockford considers to be violations of best practice. Contrary to the assertions of its creator, however, it is not a fit tool by which to judge the quality of 3rd party code.

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