Getting stuck teams unstuck

Pausing Work

No team is immune to the unexpected. Sooner or later, a large project will land on your desk out of the blue and a shift in focus seems inevitable.

What should you do with your in-flight work?


Less Haste, More Speed

Data-focused teams can stand out in businesses as strange - especially those managing big data sets. Why do they take so much longer to deliver features or bug fixes than the web team? Why does transforming historical data take weeks, where major changes to a user journey can take half the time?


The Extreme And Subtle Cost Of Task Switching

In all development teams, consistently delivering valuable work is a struggle. In data-focused teams, doubly so. The why can be subtle, and change from team to team.

But one of the major temptations - and therefore common pitfalls - is too many tasks in progress at once.